Guatemalan dream

Sueno Guatemalteco


The overall objective of this program is: to implement educational scholarships and a training program that will  enable the youth of our country to become certified and gainfully employed in the Guatemalan restaurant industry curtailing the need to emigrate to the United States.

Summary of Program: DESGUA and Cafe Red are providing a program of job training for Guatemalan youth as a way to provide a meaningful alternative to emigrating to the U.S. The proposal is for 15 youth from the Xela region. They will be given scholarships to undertake job training provided by Desgua through INTECAP, a licensed Xela trade school in the culinary arts.  Training will occur at Cafe Red. Food prepared in the program will be sold at Cafe Red. Additional instruction will be provided by DESGUA staff on the Guatemalan Dream, the desire that Guatemalan’s of the future will be able find work and fair wages within their own culture and country, curtailing the need for emmigration to the North. This instruction will include: the “costs” of immigration to individuals, families, and community, 2) the importance of creating a local community based, self sustaining economy, 3) becoming entrepreneurs instead of wage earners: by learning how to start and run a business: entrepreneurship.  Graduates of the program will receive a certificate of completion. Graduates will be assisted in finding their first jobs. Desgua staff would plan, manage, and supervise the program. INTECAP would teach students the culinary arts.  



Please help us by considering donating a little to help provide for these scholarships and opportunities.  The overall cost of the program would be $2000 per student or $30,000 total. The length of the program will be 1 year.  Even 1 dollar helps!